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1Are there still 2 quota exchanges run each month?Quota
2Can anyone in my family sign a quota exchange application?Quota
3Can I bid to purchase as much as I want?Quota
4Can I fax in my completed application form?Quota
5Do I have to include a deposit with my application?Quota
6How many bids can I place on each exchange?Quota
7I don't agree with my bacteria result.Milk Quality
8I don't agree with my butterfat result.Milk Quality
9My bacteria result did not change on my milk slip but I did receive component tests.Milk Quality
10My bacteria result is high, what should I do?Milk Quality
11What do I do if I suspect that my milk may contain antibiotics?Milk Quality
12What happens if I ship milk that tests positive for antibiotics?Milk Quality
13What happens if my test results are missing?Milk Quality
14What is PAD?Quota
15What should the dimensions of my driveway be?Transportation