Can I fax in my completed application form?

Quota Exchange Sealed Bid Flexible Secure Option

Effective immediately the BCMMB has made a fax and/or email system available to producers for submitting Quota Exchange applications. KPMG is the administrator of this information which will allow producers to have a flexible secure option to particpate on the quota exchange "in addition to mailing or dropping off applications in person." This system will allow a producer to fax or email a completed quota exchange application to a secure system administered by KPMG.

Fax Number: 866.390.8645

*Faxed applications-the only confirmation of the fax being received will be generated by the Producers fax. No Confirmation will be generated from KPMG.


*Emailed applications-a confirmation will be generated from KPMG as follows:

"Thank you for your submission for the BCMMB Quota Exchange. This email is your confirmation that your submission has been received. If you have any questions about the Quota Exchange please contact Kathy Wallis at 604.854.4471"

PLEASE NOTE: Applications faxed to this number will not be made available to the BCMMB until after the Quota Exchange deadline.